We’re still gathering this year’s suite of prizes and will announce details as soon as we can. Here’s how it’s gone before…

Our Premiere on Sunday 21 May 2008 in the Queen’s Film Theatre as part of the Belfast Film Festival, was a huge success with over 200 Filmmakers and Irish Film Industry types in attendance… Thanks again to Adobe for the great Prizes… their Logo looked just swellegant up there on the big screen.

The lovely and supercool Motion Graphics Guru Angie Taylor was also kind enough to give us a copy of her great Creative After Effects 7 workbook as an additional tasty treat for the 1st Prize winner of the Festival.

Here’s the goodies that we gave out for the current batch of 15 Seconders winners.

1st Prize
The winner of 1st Prize was Tim Plester and Rob Curry’s (Fifth Column Films, London) Slaphappy – Mister Punch gets assailed by brigands who record the event on camera phone, as is the current vogue amongst such scallywags. They got a Mac Version of Adobe Production Premium CS3 Suite + a copy of Angie Taylor’s ‘Creative After Effects 7′.

2nd Prize
The winner of 2nd Prize was Matt Curry, Brian McCardie and Barry Etherson’s (Bluebird Media, Belfast) simple and stylish Any Bread? – On the high seas a simple request gets repeated a little too often. Matt got himself a brand spanking shiny new Mac Version of Adobe Production Premium CS3 Suite… so he did.

3rd Prize
The winner of 3rd Prize was Graham Cantwell’s (Powertrip, Dublin) One Careful Owner starring Rachel Rath, Kevin Marron and the super-swellegant Sybil Rooney. – A difficult to please customer puts a car through its paces, Steve McQueen style. Graham got himself a nifty PC Version of the excellent Adobe Premiere / Photoshop Elements Bundle.

There’ll be tons of great prizes up for grabs for the winners of this next year’s Competition. Watch this space.