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The 15 Second Film Festival is a non-profit organisation which supports filmmakers in various ways. Educating people and nurturing their creative abilities are key functions of the organisation. You can benefit from this process online, at our studio or on-tour at events throughout the world.

15 Second Film School

We have in-house workshops to suit all levels of wannabe movie moguls. The 15 Second Film School has received high praise for its friendly, engaging, fun and hands-on style… plus the tea and Wagon Wheels. Find details of our tailor-made film school here.

New Media Roadshow

When the 15 Second Film Festival comes ‘a rolling into your town, lights flashing, speakers pounding, we don’t just bring entertainment. The touring roadshow includes a bespoke package of new media workshops, where visitors can make, edit and learn about filmmaking and distribution in the digital age. Details here.

Online Learning Resources

No need to get up! We aim to provide an ever-growing toolkit of free educational resources for anyone interested in making, editing or distributing film; right here online. Keep your bum in your seat and explore our own resources, along with links to a host of other online goodies – right here.