On Tour

We are Currently arranging our UK & Ireland New Media Road Show 2010/11

We aim to visit around 30 Universities with the over-riding aim of encouraging grass root filmmaking in students. Ideal for any University with Creative Arts/ Drama/ Film or New Media faculties, as a way of engaging students in the arts, educating them about the industry, how it works, how they can get started, and enriching their experience at university with an exciting genuine cinema experience.


When the New-Media Roadshow comes to your event it creates a “Fun-Time-City-Arizona” buzz. Not only do visitors enjoy our cinematic “objects of enchantment”, they are invited to partake in interactive educational elements of the Roadshow. The Roadshow brings with it experienced filmmakers, technical equipment and educational resources to create an exciting experience for those who are eager to learn more about career opportunities in Film / New-Media production and the Creative Industries.

Each stop on the Roadshow tour is tailored to your requirements. There are numerous opportunities for partnerships and additional activities to customise the experience in unique ways. Alongside the Roadshow, the Festival team can put their extensive marketing experience to use with creative, geurilla-style ‘Street Marketing’ advertising, thus boosting interest and attendance for your event / brand.


Please remember that a major part of our Roadshow is to attract attention to the host’s event and should be considered as an ‘Audience Development’ activity for your organisation.


We aim to stimulate your existing and potential audience’s interest in film-making and the creative arts, and to encourage them to enter the 15 Second Film Festival’s micro-short new-media competition. The Festival’s cause is to provide a platform for grass-roots filmmaking because we know there is a wealth of talent out there just waiting to be discovered.

The 15 Second Film Festival is unique in its ability to bring otherwise unknown talent to the forefront of the Creative Arts communities by showcasing their talents in the touring Roadshow, its annual DVD, as well as our high-profile (multi-platform / multi-directional) online presence… including social networking like Facebook and YouTube, et al.

The ‘moth to the flame’ attraction of the ‘Mini Mogul Cinema’ also gives filmmakers, visual artists, writers, photographers and other creatives attending you event the focal-point to meet, learn and network with each other and take advantage of our seasoned production experience. Please book the 15 Second Film Festival’s New-Media Roadshow as a ‘snap-on’ attraction at your next event and together we can inspire / educate future leading lights in the Creative Industries / Digital Revolution.


If you have an event in your university throughout the year you think we would fit in to, be sure to contact us!!
Freshers Week, Arts Festivals, Student Fun Days, Faculty celebrations, Plays or Shows. Watever you’ve got going on this semester, the 15 Second Film Festival want to be a part of it, so get in touch!!!