Help us help you, help us… help you. The 15 Second Film Festival, and the clever little elves who run the show, are all up for hire. In a strictly professional manner, you understand.

Hire the Roadshow

The 15 Second Film Festival is pretty much unique in that it doesn’t happen once a year in one place. As is fitting in a digital, connected world, our festival travels anywhere, any time, in our fleet of bizarre and beautiful vehicles.If you manage a venue or event, all you need is a few square metres of floor space, inside or out, and we can bring the festival to you. Read on, read on…

Hire our Marketing Services

Our studio team is experienced in developing marketing solutions to suit our clients’ personal requirements. We specialise in guerilla and social tactics that will either make your audience unable to miss you, or bring your community in around you to collaborate on your future. Have something you want to say or do? Then find out how we can pimp it for you.

Inflatable Cinema

We’re buying a unique and beautiful Inflatable Cinema for our touring New-Media Roadshow / Itinerant Cinematic Sideshow, and we need YOUR help…
This thirty-person cinemaWe’ve already transferred £1,000 / €1,200 deposit for the Inflatable Cinema.All the materials have been purchased by Lambert and work has already begun on the construction of the device. If want to you help us purchase this wondrous ‘Object of Enchantment, go to this page for more information.