Rent It

Posted on 8th July 2008 with 0 Comments

Tagline: You don’t buy it, you only rent it…
Synopsis: If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the men’s toilets in a pub, this film should clear things up. It is the story of one man and his relationship with beer.
Contributor Quote: I’ve often mused about the strange dynamic and unspoken rules that exist in men’s pub toilets. I thought it would be fun to combine that with a realisation I once had mid-flow – that we don’t actually buy beer, we only rent it for a short time, then we rent another and another etc. We went for the look and feel of a commercial which hopefully heightens the notion of pissing away money on beer.
Starring : Tim Plester & Henry Miller
Written, Directed, Produced and Cut by : Fergal McGrath
Cinematographer : Karl Watkins
Focus Puller : Matt Shaw
Make-Up : Debbie Liu
Music : Moby
Executive Producers : Colin McKeown and Peter ‘Magic’ Johnston