Films (2008)

2001 – Throw Me A Bone

The Ultimate Bummer

A Life

Life after the Death of Love

Any Bread?

One hunger. No escape!

A Single Pixel Movie

Size matters!

Catch of the Day

Two Fish go Manning


Lights, Camera, Action-Painting

Cowboy Tennis

The most dangerous game West of the Pecos!



F*ck Art. Let’s Dance

Hoolahoop Dreams

The Future is Green

It’s a frog eat frog world!

Game Over

It’s my turn NOW…

Hammer the Cheese

Slay cheese!

Inspire Expire

You know how to whistle, don’t you…?


My Lost Lamb…

Love Techno

Boy + Girl = Beat!

Mon Coeur

C’est l’amour…

One Careful Owner

Buckle up!


There’s a little of him in all of us!

Rent It

You don’t buy it, you only rent it…

Santa’s Kiss

This year, confusion comes Gift Wrapped

School Run

Mornings can be murder…


Gag Me With A Spoon


Mister Punch gets a slapping

The Song Writing Machine

Music just got an upgrade!

Squeezebox Lament

“Did that one almost make you cry?”

Wax Ear

A Verse unfolds inside a Poetess’s head…


To absent friends…

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