Films (2006)

Arrowman & Wonder Bag

World gone crazy

A Period Drama

There will be Blood

Biggest Fan

Lost and Found Footage

The Bogfather

Sleeping with the Faeces…

Brody Mullet – Box Kicker

Some men tick boxes. One man kicks boxes!

City Polaroids

Shaking it in NYC


Music Video Noodlings

Daddy Loves Me

Child Abuse

Day and Night

They walk by Night…

Death Of A Doll

A Skippity-Do-Da Day


Outside looking in…

For A Few Seconds

Lament for a Lost Twin


Nazi Party-Boy

The i-W*nk

Cum as you are…

Love The Environment


No News is Good News

And now the weather…


Knickers Missus…


Abstract Art?

Pop Art

Exploding Plastic Inevitable

Rattlesnake Heart

Eat to the Beat

Strike First

Anti-War Film

Tattoo Removal

Love / Hate

Toilet Humour

Lobsterisimus Bumakissimus

The Wellieboot Dude and The Pacamac Kid

A Spaghetti (Bolognese) Western


Psycho Mum on the Spot

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