2010 Film Stills

Click the thumbnails to view and download high resolution stills from the 2010 films.

A Life In 15 Seconds

An Electrical Short

Blob Slide

Sliding Blobs


Simple things amuse the innocent.

Burn The Irish Bar

Build. Booze. Burn


Part of the heard.

The Enforcers

No-one is above the law


Maybe Baby!

Fireside Rendezvous

Love is for dummies.

The Gran With No Name

The good, the bad, and the elderly

Gun Play

The kids are alright?

Je Suis Le Chien

A dog monologue.

Judge Not

Beg to be different


One art through the eyes of another.

Mime Don’t Pay

What it says on the tin!

One Grooved Out The Cuckoo’s Nest

One call is all it takes to be sure…

One Million Years JCB

Not the way it was.


Trouble down below.

Passion Killer

Waiting is hard.


Out with a bang.

Re:Blind Date

When Hannah met Mitch

Reconstruction 47

The painful innocence of childhood


A Mystery Unclothed

Revenge of the Barbie Aryans

A Tale Virgin on the Ridiculous.

Simian Saunters – “Swinging” Episode 1

Hell hath no fury like a Gorilla scorned.

Simian Saunters -”Boredom” Episode 2

All dressed up; nowhere to go!

Simian Saunters – “Vanity” Episode 3

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Simian Saunters – “Leap of Faith” Episode 4

Bananas are not the only fruit.

Simian Saunters – “Guilt” Episode 5

Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Sniff It Out

Smells can be deceiving.

Two Birds One Stone

A tale of two robins